Creation of original theatre plays

Every year we produce and tour three 3 plays. In a usual year, 2 of the plays are made for children and youth audiences and one is made for women (and men). The situation in Gaza, Palestine, and the Arab World, offers wide ranges of global themes that are relevant to our audience who are, daily, trying to make sense of the situation they are now in. The stories of women and the stories of the youth when asked about their daily life in the Gaza Strip result in plays that can speak to all oppressed people everywhere


The plays produced each year are all toured to their stated audiences. Performances take place either in outreach inside schools and the community where we can magically create a “black box” theatre space. Or they take place in our theatre where buses bring audiences on a theatre field trip (thus the name “theatre day”).  Many of our plays can reach the general public and that happens with open rehearsals, general rehearsals, special events, and other occasions where a show is a needed activity. The plays made with and for woman are different as here we work with lots of local NGOs who work with women and they become our growing audience. In all cases where a performance is show, a workshop follows: debate, discussion, games, feedback