The Creative Hub

How we keep all these young people with us? We hear their voices, loud and demanding for more activities, touring, workshops, talking, writing it down, sharing.  In response to this needed noise, Ayyam Al Masrah hand in hand with young activists created an outlet - a space beyond the theatre and the school - where young people (ages 15-25) can generate ideas, exchange innovative initiatives, consider their future paths, discuss cultural, social, commercial, entrepreneurial possibilities to better their situation. In the comfortable atmosphere and far from any censorship, with free access to the Internet, youth work on their own future - in groups or alone, brainstorm, design projects, learn what need to learn, search the web for inspiration, and propose ideas for good projects.  

Currently, one of the prioritized dimensions in the Hub is trainings, mentoring and co-working space for youth (especially women) who would like to develop their digital creation skills and skills for online freelancing.


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